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MatWeb's Premium Services

Detailed Feature Chart

Since 1996 MatWeb has been your premier source for free online material property data. We continually strive to deliver online tools and technologies that enable our customers to make the best use of MatWeb's materials data. In an effort to provide our customers with the most comprehensive set of tools for researching materials data online, we are proud to tell you about our Premium Services.

MatWeb's Premium Services provide you with:

Full access is available to Premium Members for only $99.95/year.

Many of these features can be previewed for free just by becoming a Registered Member (valid e-mail address required). MatWeb users who choose not to register will still have access to MatWeb's classic search capabilites and material property data. For more information, view our detailed chart of features.

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Use the links to navigate our features matrix below, or scroll down for more details.

MatWeb Feature    Un-Registered Registered Premium  
Material Data Sheets   Yes   Yes   Yes  
  - View Any of MatWeb's 180,000 Data Sheets For FREE

Basic Search Engines   Yes   Yes   Yes  
  - Key Word or Phrase     - Metal Composition     - Manufacturer
  - Property, Metric or English Units     - Material Type     - Trade Name
Up to 1000 results   Up to 1500 results   Up to 2000 results  
View Property Data in Search Results   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Basic Tools   Yes   Yes   Yes  
  - Unit Converter With Over 150 Units of Measure
  - Basic Weight Calculator
Advanced Search Engine       Yes   Yes  
  - Combines Text, Category, Property, and Composition Searches
  Search on up to
3 criteria at a time
  Search on up to
10 criteria at a time
Saved Material Folders       Yes   Yes  
  - Organize Your Most-Referenced Materials
  - Add, Edit, and Delete Material Folders
  Save up to 1
Material Folder
  Save up to 10
Material Folders
Compare Folder Materials       Yes   Yes  
  - Side-By-Side Comparison of Material Property Data
  - Graph Property Value vs Material for any Property
  3 Data Sheets
per Folder
  20 Data Sheets
per Folder
Create pdf Data Sheets       Yes   Yes  
  - Create pdf Version of Any Data Sheet
  - Convenient for Saving or Emailing
Exclude Discontinued Materials       Yes   Yes  
  - Streamline Search Results by Omitting Discontinued Data Sheets
Advanced Tools       Yes   Yes  
  - Hardness Converter     - Moment of Inertia Calculator
  - Searchable Glossary     - Advanced Weight Calculator
Sort Search Results           Yes  
  - Sort by Material Name and Property Data in Search Results
  - Ascending Value, Descending Value, or Alphabetical by Name
  Sort on any of first
3 numerical criteria
Export Material Folder Data           Yes  
  - Export Materials to CSV/Excel format.
  - Export Data Sheets to a SolidWorks/COSMOSWorks Library
  - Export Data Sheets to the Autodesk ALGOR Library Format
  - Export Data Sheets to a NEiWorks Library
  - Export Data Sheets in the ANSYS Format
  - Export Data Sheets in the Comsol Format
  - Export Data Sheets in the SpaceClaim Format
  - Export Data Sheets in the ETBX Format
Display Graphical Information           Yes  
  - Expand tabular data to plots
  - Faciliates visualization of property dependency on varibles such as temperature
  Launch from table
on data sheet

MatWeb's Material Data Sheets

We provide over 180,000 data sheets, with many search tools to locate just the right material, for FREE!


MatWeb's Basic Searches

MatWeb gives you many different ways to find exactly what you're looking for, including:


MatWeb's Advanced Search - our most popular MatWeb searches on one page! Search by:

MatWeb's Advanced Search provides THE single most powerful search MatWeb has to offer. By allowing the addition and exclusion of various search criteria (key words and phrases, material categories, material properties, and material compositions) to a search, it is much easier to locate materials that meet the desired specifications.

The search interface and results appear on the same page, so you can immediately see the results of your search and you don't have to hit the "Back" button to delete or add new search criteria. In the example below, a search on the property "Knoop Hardness" greater than 900 and the eliminating the keyword "diamond" produces three materials:


Side-by-Side Comparison and Data Export - You can use this Premium MatWeb feature just by registering, but as a premium user you can compare up to ten materials side-by-side instead of just three. This feature is extremely useful for putting all of the relevant information in one convenient display. You also have several options to customize your view, including displaying SI or Imperial Units, and displaying/hiding property comments and data sheet notes.

You can also export data in various file formats. Registered users can view the comparisons on the web, while Premium users can export data files in CSV format, directly to Excel via an IQY file, or directly to various CAD programs such as SolidWorks or ANSYS. CSV Format is readable by popular spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel and Lotus. The Excel IQY file is compatible with most PCs, and creates a file that you can save to your hard drive. We are continually working on adding new modeling software formats, and welcome any suggestions you may have.


Weight and Moment of Inertia Calculators with Complex Shapes - MatWeb's Weight Calculator has common engineering cross-sections including box-beams, I-beams, T-beams, angles, and U-channels. Moments of Inertia can also be calculated for each shape available in the Weight Calculator.

Enhanced Weight and Inertia Calculator

Searchable Glossary - Contains over 700 searchable engineering terms. Either select a term from the drop-down list, or begin typing a word or phrase in the interactive search box. The autocomplete feature will scroll the drop-down list to the appropriate location. Click the "Go" button and the definition pops up instantly, including hyperlinks to other related glossary terms. Hyperlinked terms used in the definition make it easy to gain full understanding of a term and all related terms quickly.

Matweb Glossary

Hardness Converter - Converting from one hardness scale to another can be a hassle. Not every scale is directly comparable with every other, the ranges do not completely overlap, and the conversion varies depending of the type of material. So we've made it easy for you - just plug in the number and pick the material, we do the rest.

Hardness Calculator

Registration is quick, easy, and gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. If you like what you see, you can get access to the full-blown features for just $99.95 a year! The time savings from more efficient search/compare functions or modeling software exports can pay for the membership many times over during the course of the year. Plus, no other materials related website gives you as much information as MatWeb.

Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. Questions or comments about MatWeb? Please contact us at We appreciate your input.

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