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Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment Temper Designations

The physical properties exhibited by aluminum alloys are significantly influenced by the treatment of the sample. A standardized system has been developed to designate these treatments. The aluminum alloy data sheets in MatWeb will generally have a temper designation connected with them to indicate the treatment used to produce the properties listed.

Basic Aluminum Heat Treatment Designations

Heat Treating T Temper Codes

Additional digits may be used after the first T temper digit to indicate subsequent stress relieving by processes such as stretching, compressing, or a combination of the two.

H Temper Strain Hardening Codes

The second digits (required) after the first H temper digit indicates the level of strain hardening and is based on the minimum ultimate tensile strength obtained. The third digit (optional) is a variation of the two digit temper.

In addition to heat treating related attributes such as aging temperature, annealing temperature, and solution temperature, MatWeb has a complete list of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and composition specifications for aluminum alloys. Other aluminum topics in MatWeb:

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