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Amatrium Materials AI
Daelim H&L Plavis-G40 ISO 40% Graphite Filled Aromatic Polyimide Bearing
Categories: Polymer; Thermoset; Polyimide, TS

Material Notes: Isostatically Molded. Plavis-G-40: Graphite 40 wt% filled, Self lubricating grade with low thermal expansion.

General Plavis information for all grades:

PLAVIS polyimide has nitrogen bonded to 3 carbons is the critical part of the chain and imparts the plastic with remarkable features and benefits. PLAVIS is available as raw material or as molded parts, plates, and rods. PLAVIS isostatic molded rods have uniform properties in all directions.


  • One of the highest temperature plastics in the world with a continuous operating temperature of 300°C. Well suited for cryogenic conditions
  • Retains high tensile strength and modulus even at high temperatures. Will not crack or creep under load.
  • Lowest out-gassing of any plastic at 300°C. Will not contaminate vacuum chamber process or products.
  • Grades are available for use at 1 million psi-fpm PV limit with lubrication, 300,000 psi-fpm PV limit without lubrication. Stable friction level.
  • Filled grades resistivity is tailorable.
  • Machines like brass-tiny and intricate features can be produced without cracking. Can be lapped to mirror finish.
  • Flat Panel Display/Solar Cells:: Drying oven (HP/CP, Baking, IR) Glass support pins, Glass holders, Rollers; Cleaning EUV roller, Bearing; PVD/CVD Insulation parts Insert, Clamp, Bush, Caps, Susceptor pin, Ball bearing etc.; Etcher Screw, bolts. and Others Probe unit, station parts
  • Semiconductor: Wafer Processing Wafer clamp rings, Insulators, Screw & Fasteners, Vacuum pads, Alignment pins; Wafer handling, guides, and carriers, Vacuum pick up strips; IC handling & testing Die pick up collects, Test socket insulator
  • General Industry: Hot runner system Seal caps, Insulators; Plasma cutting torches parts Swirl rings, Insulator, Caps.; Heat resistance materials Bottle grippers, Conveyor tips; Scientific consumable parts GC/Mass ferrules, HPLC valve rotors; Textile Machines Valve seat, Bearing, Shedder Bushing
  • Automotive / Transportation:Transmissions Thrust Washers, Seal Rings, Valve Seats, Transmission Valve Balls, Check Valves; Electrical Motors Bushings, Washers, Thrust Plugs; Brakes Wear Pads, Valve Seats and Balls in ABS Systems; Fuel Systems Bushings, Seal Rings, Band Springs, Valve Seats; Turbo Chargers Ball Bearing Retainers, Wastegate Bushings; Vacuum Pump Vanes, Engine Belt Tensioners, Rubbing Blocks, Door Hinge Bushings, Gear Stick Rollers, Ignition Distributors, Constant Friction Pads for Split-Flywheels
  • Aerospace/Aircraft: Compressor Variable Vane Bushings and Washers, Aircraft Fan Thrust Reverser, Fan Blade Wear Strips, Locking Insert Nut, Fuel Line Spacer, Reciprocating Shaft Seal for Jet Engine Afterbunner Actuating System

Information provided by Daelim H&L

Available Properties
  • Specific Gravity, ASTM D792
  • Tensile Strength, Ultimate, ASTM D1708
  • Tensile Strength, Ultimate, ASTM D1708
  • Elongation at Break, ASTM D1708
  • Elongation at Break, ASTM D1708
  • Flexural Strength, ASTM D790
  • Flexural Strength, ASTM D790
  • Flexural Modulus, ASTM D790
  • Flexural Modulus, ASTM D790
  • Compressive Strength, ASTM D695
  • Compressive Strength, ASTM D695
  • Compressive Modulus, ASTM D695
  • Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic, PV=10 kg/cm² · m/sec (0.98 MPa·m/sec)
  • CTE, linear, ASTM D696
  • Maximum Service Temperature, Air, Continuous
  • Maximum Service Temperature, Air, 50% tensile strength reduction at 360 hours
  • Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi)
  • Decomposition Temperature, 50wt% reduction after 239 min
  • Decomposition Temperature, short term
  • Flammability, UL94
  • Oxygen Index
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Manufacturer Notes:
Daelim H&L Super Engineering Plastics

Category Notes

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