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Federal Specification Codes for Coppers and Copper Alloys

Copper or Copper Alloy Product Federal Spec
Flat or Tubular, tin-coated or silver-coated, copper braid or wire QQ-B-575
Leaded and non-leaded brass plate, bar, sheet, and strip QQ-B-613
Leaded and non-leaded brass forging and flat products w/ finished edges (i.e. bar and strip) QQ-B-626
Naval brass forgings, rod, shapes, wire and flat products w/ finished edges (i.e. bar and flat wire) QQ-B-637
Naval brass plate, bar, sheet, and strip QQ-B-639
Copper, Cu-Zn, and Cu-P brazing alloy QQ-B-650
Aluminum bronze ingots QQ-B-675
Manganese bronze bar, forgings, flat wire, plate, rod, shapes, sheet, strip QQ-B-728
Phosphor bronze bar, flat wire, plate, sheet, strip, and structural shapes QQ-B-750
Copper alloy castings QQ-C-390
Aluminum bronze bar, plate, sheet, and strip QQ-C-450
Aluminum bronze flat products with finished edges QQ-C-465
Copper flat products, rods, and shapes with finished edges QQ-C-502
Copper ingot QQ-C-521
Yellow brass, manganese brass, aluminum- manganese bronze, and manganese bronze ingots QQ-C-523
Leaded and non-leaded red brass, semi-red brass, and tin bronze ingots QQ-C-525
Beryllium-copper (BeCu) bar, rod, and wire QQ-C-530
Beryllium-copper (BeCu) strip QQ-C-533
Copper flat products with slit, slit and edge-rolled, sheared, sawed, or machined edges QQ-C-576
Nickel silver (Cu-Ni-Zn) sheet, strip and bar QQ-C-585
Nickel silver (Cu-Ni-Zn) flat products with finished edges, rod, and shapes QQ-C-586
Cu-Si, Cu-Zn-Si, and Cu-Ni-Si alloy flat products, forgings, rod, shapes, and wire QQ-C-591
Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) alloy welding rod QQ-R-571
Copper alloy wire QQ-W-321
Uninsulated electrical wire QQ-W-343
Seamless standard size red brass pipe, regular and extra strong WW-P-351
Seamless standard size copper pipe WW-P-377
Brass or bronze pipe fittings WW-P-460
Copper and copper alloy tube fittings WW-T-725
Seamless brass tubing WW-T-791
Seamless copper tubing for use with solder-type or flared-tube fittings WW-T-799
Brass or bronze unions WW-T-516
Brass or bronze butterfly valves WW-T-967


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