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Ensinger PEI

Fluoropolymer Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors

Manufacturer Tradename
Daikin Industries
Daikin Industries DAI-EL®
Daikin Industries NEOFLON®
Daikin Industries POLYFLON
Daikin Industries POLYFLON™
Ensinger ENSIKEM®
Ensinger TECAFLON™
McNeal Enterprises Custom Parts
Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products
Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products Fluorosint®
Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products Semitron®
Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products Symalit®
RTP Company ESD
RTP Company RTP
TriStar TriSteel
Zeus Filtriq™
3M Dyneon™
3M Novec™
3M Dyneon™
3M Dyneon™ TFM™
3M Dyneon™ THV™
Adamas Adalon®
Adamas Lakinor®
Arkema Group KYNAR FLEX®
Arkema Group Kynar Super Flex®
Arkema Group Kynar®
Arkema Group VOLTALEF®
Arlon CuClad
Arlon DiClad
Arlon IsoClad
Arlon Secure™
Asahi Glass Company
Asahi Glass Company F-Clean®
Asahi Glass Company Fluon®
Azoty Tarnow™ (Zaklady Azotowe) TARFLEN
Beijing Evergrow Resources
Chemours ECCtreme® ECA
Chemours Teflon®
Chemours Teflon® C PFA
Chemours Teflon® PFA
Chemours Teflon® PTFE
Chemours Tefzel®
Chemours Viton®
Chesterton Valvelon®
Cytec Vac-Pak®
Dalau Dalcon
DuPont Tedlar®
DuPont Tedlar® SP
DuPont Performance Polymers Vespel®
Erhard Hippe KG
Evonik Corporation Dyflor®
Garlock Rubber Technologies
Garlock Rubber Technologies GYLON®
Garlock Rubber Technologies STRESS SAVER®
GEHR Plastics Inc
Greene Tweed Avalon®
Guarniflon TENFIL
Honeywell ACLAR®
Honeywell Halar®
Honeywell UltRx
Isoflon Teflon®
Isoflon Tisoflon®
Kureha KF Polymer
LNP Thermocomp®
Manifattura Cattaneo spa
Manifattura Cattaneo spa RULON®
Mexichem Specialty Compounds (former AlphaGary) Smokeguard™
Michelman® Michem® Glide
Mikro-Technik Mikroflon
Mikro-Technik Reproflon
Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co Murflor®
Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co Murinyl®
Omnia Plastica s.p.a.
Park Electrochemical Corp. Nelco®
Polikim Polimer ve Kimya Sanay EFALON®
Polimersan Plastics POLITEF®
Polyram RamLloy
Process Technologies Inc
Process Technologies Inc Teflon®
Process Technologies Inc Tyfluor™
Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics
Rochling Engineered Plastics Polystone®
Rogers Corporation
Rogers Corporation RT/duroid®
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP LUBRICOMP
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP Thermocomp
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP™ LUBRICOMP™
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP™ THERMOCOMP™
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Chemlam®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Chemlam® RL®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Fluoroloy®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norslide®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norton®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norton® Chemfilm®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Norton® Fluorglas® Chemfilm®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Rulon®
Saint-Gobain Perfomance Plastics Tygon®
Sandvik Kanthal
Shakespeare Company
Shakespeare Company ISOray
Shamrock Technologies
Shamrock Technologies Fluoro T®
Shamrock Technologies MicroFLON®
Shamrock Technologies NanoFLON® P
Shandong Dongyue Polymer Material Co
Shandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co
Shanghai Ofluorine
Sinotek Materials
Solvay Specialty Polymers Ajedium™
Solvay Specialty Polymers Ajedium™ Film - Halar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Ajedium™ Film - Solef®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Ajedium™ Films -- Halar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Algoflon®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Aquivion®
Solvay Specialty Polymers FluorLoop®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Halar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hyflon® MFA®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Hylar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Polymist®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Solef®
Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvadura™
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Algoflon®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) FOMBLIN®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Halar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Hyflon®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Hylar®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Polymist®
Solvay Specialty Polymers (former Solexis) Solef®
Techmer ES HiFill®
Technetics Group Amicon™
Technetics Group PLASTOLON™
Technetics Group Texolon™
Thermoseal Inc.
Thermoseal Inc. Klinger®
W. L. Gore & Associates GORE™
Westlake Plastics
Westlake Plastics Clariflex®
Westlake Plastics Halar®
Westlake Plastics Kynar®
Westlake Plastics Tefzel®
Zotefoams ZOTEK®
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